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Chasing rainbows (unplugged)

Chris Taylor - Chasing Rainbows
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As a child you were always chasing rainbows Your father pointed out the pot of gold and you believed what you’d been told Why ever doubt it he would never lie to you his words were always good and pure you trusted him for sure Chasing rainbows looking for those dreams Chasing rainbows keep believing what they mean Spend your life chasing rainbows People smile when you reveal what you believe False hopes and dreams they say But you just walk away There’s no persuading you when you close your eyes … You’re still looking for the rainbow’s end That others don’t comprehend Who’d’ve thought this would still hold true
Is it because he’s not here anymore Your way of keeping him close – a comfort you don’t want to lose Now when they appear there’s magic deep inside even though you’re 35 It makes you come alive You share the story with your own daughter Her face lights up Reminds you how it used to feel That fairy-tales can come real