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Miss you (unplugged)

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The picture over there reminds me of you It tells me the story of things you used to do The song on the radio you used to sing to me Hurts now you’re not here I had to set you free All the things I tried to say each and every time I saw you and I looked straight into your eyes. Stumbled over words, didn’t know what to say Thought I’d try again but now you’ve gone away It really gets me down, makes me kind of blue When all I can think of is how much I miss you Your book on the tables still next to mine I’d pack it away but it feels like a crime Your favourite coat still hangs on my door No need to return it you won’t need it anymore I’ve spent so long walking round in the rain Trying to figure out what to do I spun around when someone called my name I should’ve guessed it would never be you Belongings you owned are packed in a box I’m falling now, I’m completely lost I need you there to save me just like it used to be But now I’m all alone I realise it’s just me

(Taylor/Harriet Taylor)