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More than I will ever be (unplugged)

Chris Taylor - More Than I Will Ever Be
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I woke this morning and everything had changed A stranger lay beside me, I didn’t know her name Temptation picked my pocket and I never felt a thing Now the punch of realisation, I have broken everything
You say you need some time, well how about for good I can’t forgive myself so how can I expect your love? I was flattered to deceit and chose not to walk away There’s no excuse, no reason, there’s nothing I can say You’re more than I will ever be   and I need for you to know That I love you, truly love you,   But it’s time for me to go… I wish you all the magic and the joy that life can give My karma is the sentence of this life I have to live I will take my box of memories and open it some day Goodbye, my love, my only love, it’s time to walk away  You’re more than I will ever be  I need for you to know That I love you, really love you  And that love will only grow Yes, I love you, really love you  But now it’s time to go…

(Taylor/Stephen Cree)