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New day (unplugged)

New Day - Chris Taylor
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Well there’s that familiar warmth in the air again A sense of summer on the breeze There’s a change in the way we seem to feel  Gives us something to believe Passion fills our hearts and minds As if we’ve never ever felt before You take my hand and hold me close There’s no more fear  I trust you for sure And you say  Come on  come on its alright alright Come on come on I’m all yours tonight Letting our optimism take over   we meet people out everywhere Enjoying newfound confidence   It seems without a care My illusions disappear I’m overwhelmed by your beauty and style I get a sense of the thrill of the chase when I see your secret smile Come on come   I want you to stay Come on come on theres nothing in our way I feel like I’m in paradise when I’m walking with you The way you make me feel is totally brand new I take the compliments you throw my way, may seem as if I don’t care But the truth is, the reality is that I’m scared Looking at every possibility I try my best not to agonise Guess I’m tired and bored with my steady life got to take off my disguise The time we spend together is so special I want you more and more I feel protected by your soft embrace Growing old with you seems so so sure