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Tears in the rain (plugged)

Tears in the Rain - Chris Taylor
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Sitting alone watching the world go by Passing out the glances, hoping they will catch your eye Sitting here for hours your cappuccinos turning cold The distant sounds of laughter betrays the secret that you hold Don’t know what love is – don’t care what love is Not unexpected your tears in the rain  You’ve no one to turn to, no one to run to Your memories are lost like tears in the rain Check on your reflection the makeup has begun to fade The taffeta is creasing dress to thrill, games you’ve played Reveal the intrigue unknown encounters of the past Eyes unmask the feelings remembering all you’ve lost Is there no escaping the torment that you seem to feel Your life holds no surprises your moods and dreams are so unreal Life’s dealt a cruel hand with those tears in the rain It’s the last waltz that you’re dancing, same time tomorrow …