Chris Taylor

The story so far

Who is Christopher Taylor

Yorkshire artist, Christopher Taylor, is a song-writer who loves to work both alone and in collaboration with other musicians and friends.

Over the years he has played and sung in a number of bands and as a solo artist, at all sorts of events and venues. Having been a professional musician in his 20’s, in 2011 Chris got the opportunity to once again play professionally and is now able to give more time to his real passion for writing and performing his own songs. This has been something he has actively been working towards over the last few years.

It is as a soloist (vocals and guitar) that he currently gigs most of the time, although he can also call upon other musicians to add that extra colour as and when required.

What has been going on?

2015 was the beginning of a new chapter for Chris and 2016 proved to be another exciting year with new songs, updated branding and being presented with a number of awards for his music. In 2017 Chris released a collaboration EP called ‘Meet me on the horizon’. On this he worked with some really talented musician, with songs incorporating Trumpet, Violin, Saxophone, Steel guitar and stunning additional vocals.

The EP ‘Innocence’ was released in 2018.


2019 was the beginning of another new chapter when Chris started working with Ville and Mat Leppanen at the Animal Farm studios.

With them he has released, Counting Bluebirds, With you life’s beautiful (with a superb video), 16 Wishes and a Christmas single, My Angel

Chris records and gigs with Faith guitars.


Chasing rainbows (New Day, Only in my dreams, Chasing rainbows,Safely home, When I lie down with you). Meet me on the horizon ( Meet me on the horizon, How beautiful you are, No regrets, In your mind, Lost in your eyes). Innocence (Abraham Hill, Calling, Innocence). With the Animal Farm (Counting Bluebirds, With you life’s beautiful, 16 Wishes, My Angel)

‘Chasing rainbows’ was awarded the Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Rock EP in February 2016.   ‘Meet me on the horizon’ won the Akademia Music Award for best Pop/Folk song in May 2016.

Next steps

There are many ways to get involved with Chris’s music, both here on this site and through other media you will see below.  Please enjoy, follow, share and keep in touch.